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Dr. Jennifer Hui: Experienced Oculoplastic Eye Surgeon

Oculoplastic Eye Surgeon – Palm Springs | Palm Desert Oculoplastics is a branch of surgery that is concerned with procedures relating to the eye and areas around the eye. These surgical procedures typically look to correct malfunctions of the eye

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Teary Eyes: When Is It Time To See A Doctor

Teary Eyes Are you suffering from eyes that tear excessively? Is it affecting your daily routines and plans adversely? Many individuals continue to suffer from the condition of Epiphora without coming to realize that it is, in fact, a medical

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Latisse Cost and Advantages

Costs and Advantages of Latisse – Palm Springs | Palm Desert Latisse is the first prescription treatment and the only one till now that has got the approval of the Food and Drug Administration, United States for regrowth of sparse

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Palm Springs Eyelid Surgery