What is the difference between Ectropion and Entropion?

Normal upper and lower eyelids close together tightly over the eyeball shielding it from external damage and stopping the evaporation of tears, which enable the eye to remain lubricated.  But ectropion and entropion are two conditions that prevent the lids

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What is entropion?

Entropion refers to a condition in which the eyelid turns inwards, causing the eyelashes and skin to rub against the eye surface, leading to discomfort and irritation. People with entropion may have eyelids that are turned in all the time

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What is Epiphora (Tearing) Treatment?

Epiphora can cause the eyes to water slightly, or excessively with a constant overflow of tears. The patient may also experience other symptoms in the eyes, such as visible blood vessels, redness, eyelid swelling, soreness, and sharp pain. Oculoplastic surgeon

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What Causes Epiphora (Tearing)?

Epiphora, commonly known as watery eyes, develops due to excessive tear production. A doctor can diagnose the exact cause for the development of epiphora, and prescribe an appropriate treatment. Oculoplastic surgeon Dr. Jennifer Hui provides eyelid surgery and various other

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What is Epiphora (Tearing)?

Tears enable the eyes to stay comfortable and healthy. But uncontrolled watery eyes or tearing can affect a person’s well-being and routine life.  Watering eye (epiphora or tearing) refers to a condition in which there is an overflow of tears

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Revision Face Surgery For The Eyes

Revision eyelid lift cosmetic surgery (revision blepharoplasty) is a procedure that can correct any imperfections that may have occurred during or after a primary blepharoplasty.  The surgeon will aim to reduce the signs of aging around the eyelids and develop

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Facial Rejuvenation Surgery For The Eyes

Eyelid skin is usually smooth, but over time, the lid tissue stretches, and the muscles weaken. This can cause the eyelids to appear puffy and tired. An outpatient eyelid lift (blepharoplasty) surgery can mitigate this sagging and puffiness, eliminate under

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What is Ophthalmic Plastic Surgery?

Ophthalmic plastic and reconstructive surgery refer to a specialized area of ophthalmology-related to the management of the lacrimal (tear) system, deformities, and abnormalities of the eyelids, eye socket (orbit), and the adjacent face. Oculoplastic surgeon Dr. Jennifer Hui provides advanced

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Eye Diseases (Ophthalmology)

An eye surgeon is trained to treatment a wide range of eye diseases. However, as eyes are the body’s most delicate external organ, it is vital to choose the best qualified and experienced ophthalmologist for your needs. Oculoplastic surgeon Dr.

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What is The Difference Between an Ophthalmologist and an Optometrist?

  When an individual is seeking eye care or a major cosmetic surgery procedure such as eyelid lift, it is crucial for them to understand the difference between the two. Dr. Jennifer Hui is a renowned oculoplastic surgeon and ophthalmologist

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