What causes a mass behind the eye?

The eye orbit contains eye socket bones, eyeball, eye socket muscles, optic nerve, and fatty tissue. Inflammation, tumors or lesions may occur in any of these structures. This could result in a bulging eye, double vision, or vision loss. Experienced

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What is orbital tumor?

A tumor located in the eye orbit, which is the bony socket containing the eye, is called an orbital tumor. The orbital socket is a complex structure, which includes the eye along with nerves, muscles, and connective tissue. It is

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Test Your Antioxidant Levels With Our Optical Scanner

The Pharmanex BioPhotonic Scanner is an advanced patented tool that measures the levels of carotenoid in living tissue in a noninvasive manner providing an instant indication of an individual’s overall antioxidant levels. It offers immediate information on a person’s antioxidant

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Reconstructive Eyelid Surgery After Cancer

Most eyelid cancer patients need reconstructive surgery. Reconstructive surgery is distinct from plastic surgery as it is usually undertaken to enhance the function of the eye. However, it can be performed to improve the appearance of the eye area as

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Mohs’ Surgery For Eyelid Cancer

Mohs surgery is a proven procedure to treat eyelid cancer. In the Mohs technique, the surgeon removes the visible tumor along with small pieces of the edge of where the tumor was located. Every tiny fragment is assessed under a

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Anti-Aging Treatments

The human body gets exposed every day to various harmful conditions such as UV radiation, the presence of preservatives in food, stress, exposure to tobacco smoke, and multiple other toxins. These factors can lead to the development of free radicals

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Can Eyelid Cysts be Cancerous?

In general, eyelid cysts and lesions are harmless. An ophthalmologist can provide an accurate diagnosis on the basis of history and a clinical exam. All suspicious cysts should be evaluated through a biopsy. Experienced oculoplastic surgeon Dr. Jennifer Hui of

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Treatment For Malignant Tumor in Eyelids

In the case of malignant eye tumors in the lids, early detection and treatment greatly enhance the chances of better outcomes. Basal cell carcinoma (BCC) and squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) of the eyelid are highly treatable forms of cancer if

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Blocked Tear Duct Treatment

Blocked Tear Ducts All patients do not require treatment for tear duct blockage. For instance, in a majority of babies, the obstruction will resolve as the drainage system of the child matures. Some newborns have a piece of tissue, known

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Orbital Exenteration Surgery

Orbital exenteration is the surgical excision of the eyeball as well as the surrounding tissues such as the eyelids (depending on the pervasiveness of the disease being treated, and the nerves, muscles, and fatty tissues in the eye area. Orbital

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