Male Eyeplasty Recovery

2lyAblmmxRJz1XQ-WBCTyxbPE1X_bNqEmlv1F7nVOlYMale eyeplasty cosmetic surgery will involve a considerable post-surgical recovery process. The surgeon will discuss all aspects of the surgery, including recovery, during the pre-op consultation. The patient should feel free to ask questions and make a note of the surgeon’s instructions for care during the recovery phase.

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Items to Prepare for Recovery

To ensure a more comfortable recovery phase after male eyeplasty eyelid surgery, the patient may arrange for the following items in advance:

  • Ice packs, ice cubes or frozen peas for cold therapy in the first 48 hours (as per the surgeon’s advice)
  • Artificial tears or eye drops as recommended by the surgeon
  • Small gauze pads
  • Clean towels and washcloths
  • Over the counter pain medications as suggested by the surgeon

The patient should plan to take leave from work for at least one week and limit activities that involve strain to the eyes (such as TV watching, books, and Internet surfing).

Immediate Post-Surgical Phase

Most patients will go through an expected early recovery phase after male eyeplasty, which may include a number of things.

  • The patient may experience double vision, light sensitivity and excessive tearing after the procedure
  • The incision areas will have redness, and may appear numb and puffy for a few days
  • Bruising and swelling may be more conspicuous in the first week
  • Cold compresses can help mitigate swelling in the first 48 hours, as advised by the surgeon
  • Mild pain meds may be used as advised by the surgeon
  • If removable sutures were placed, these may be removed in about five to seven days
  • In case of persistent pain or redness after a week, the patient should review the symptoms with the surgeon

Guidelines for Recovery

The patient should diligently follow the surgeon’s post-op care instructions for a quicker recovery. This will include advice about bandages, sutures, antibiotic medication, pain meds, level of activity, use of sunglasses, and refraining from the use of tobacco and blood thinning medications. The overall recovery period can vary between two patients depending on several factors.

  • In the first few days after male eyeplasty, use an ointment over the incision sites as advised by the surgeon to keep the area lubricated.
  • Use eye drops to prevent dry eyes, and contact the surgeon if the dryness persists.
  • In the first week, sleep with the head elevated higher than the chest. Use extra pillows or sleep on a recliner. Avoid heavy lifting, straining, strenuous exercises and swimming for two to three weeks. Avoid such activities in particularly which require abrupt head movement or increase blood flow in the eye area.
  • Avoid bending over for about one month, which causes the head to be in a lower position than the heart.
  • Straining the eyes may cause dry eyes, so give plenty of rest to the eyes in the initial recovery period.

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