Eyelid Malposition

The eyelids may experience increased laxity after previous eyelid or facial surgery, or as a result of time.  The eyelid may consequently turn in or out.  Entropion is a condition where the eyelid margin turns inward. The lashes rub against the eye, causing irritation, scratchiness, tearing, and redness.  In some cases, this repeated corneal trauma may lead to visual impairment.  In contrast, ectropion is the outward turning of the lower eyelid margin and lashes.  It results in the appearance of a saggy eyelid or aging eyelid.  It may be caused by tissue laxity or scarring of the lid. This malposition and sagging can cause dryness of the eye and a foreign body sensation. Tearing may result from the dryness or from misalignment of the tear drainage system.  These eyelid malpositions may be corrected with an outpatient procedure.

Entropion of the left lower eyelidEyelid Malposition
Ectropion of the right lower eyelidEyelid Malposition

Recovery:  For the first few days after the procedure Dr. Hui will ask that you apply ice packs and cool compresses to minimize the swelling.  Most patients experience minimal discomfort and are able to return to their normal routine in approximately 1 week.

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