Patient Testimonials

As a freelance writer and former fighter pilot, my eyes have always played an important role in my life. That’s why when they started to fail me I was determined to get the best treatment available. After much research, I chose Dr. Hui. She and the staff were friendly, efficient and caring; and the facility was bright and clean. It was obvious that everyone was determined to make my journey from initial consultation to surgery as painless and uncomplicated as possible. In particular, I commend the performance of my surgeon, Dr. Jennifer Hui whose skill and calm, patient demeanor resulted in an outcome that exceeded my expectations.
– RS

Dear Dr. Hui,
It is with great pleasure that I write this letter. It is a real pleasure to be able to see better without straining my eyelid muscles. The whole experience was totally without any pain or even discomfort during or after the operation – contrary to what friends told me I could expect. The staff, whether they were the administration personnel,the prep nurses, or anyone I was in contact with before, during or after the operation including the follow up visits were remarkable in their care, courtesy and help. Thank you and please thank your staff on my behalf.


I was told by my mother that when I was 5 years old, I had some eye infection and was sick. Since then my right eye has been tearing every 10-15 minutes. This has bothered me so much, as I was teased by my classmates because I looked like I was crying all the time. Moreover, I started to have a little sack that got bigger over time in the corner of my eye close to my nose. I was advised to see Dr. Hui, and soon she told me I had an obstruction in the lacrimal canal and my tears do not drain normally. But she eased my fear telling me it could be fixed. Dr. Hui explained thoroughly her plan, eased my anxiety, and assured me things will be just fine. After the surgery, I was amazed how skillful Dr. Hui was, and for the first time after 35 years I have NO MORE TEARFUL EYE. I feel so good now, I was in safe hands. If you have this problem, look no further, see Dr. Hui soon, she is the best.
– AA

Dear Dr. Hui,
Thank you so much for both surgeries you have done on me. Friends and family have noted the difference in my eyes, I have been told I have a fresh look. I feel so much better, I can see much more, especially at night. You and your staff have been very kind to me all the time. I feel very fortunate to have had these procedures done by you, the time waiting for your services have been minimal. Again I am very pleased and feel very lucky. I recommend your services to everyone. Thank you.


Dr. Jennifer Hui is superb. She embodies all that is best in a doctor – knowledge, skill, intelligence and insight. As an oculoplastic surgeon she can assess and evaluate your needs and work with you to achieve what is best for you. She inspires confidence that is based on her extensive training and experience as a surgeon who knows the human eye. I have been extremely pleased with each procedure she has done for me and I am always impressed by her honest assessment of what needs to be done or not. I feel very fortunate to have her as my doctor.
– S. M.

Dear Dr. Hui:
We would like to express our endless gratitude for the eyelid surgery you performed for our son. Let us tell you that we can’t be any happier with the outcome of this procedure and that we are very happy we came to you. We were very concerned about the side effects of the surgery especially since our son was only 5 months old at the time of the procedure. Now, 14 weeks after the procedure, his eyelids close all the way when he is sleeping and open big enough when he is awake. Again, thank you very much for your care and we are glad you are out there, even if you are 240 miles away from us  .

– parents of FJ

Dr. Hui has been my son’s eye doctor since he was a little over a year old. He has suffered from a blocked tear duct in his left eye. From the very first appointment, Dr. Hui made him (and me) feel very comfortable. As another mother, she knew exactly how to talk to him, which always made him love seeing her. He had his first eye surgery in July 2010. Soon after the surgery, I had many questions. After one phone call to her office, Dr. Hui herself called me back at home to go over what was happening. I never expected a phone call from her! Through more appointments and another surgery, I have always felt like Dr. Hui has become our friend instead of our doctor. She knows my son’s name, she knows his case, she recognizes him in the hallways without his chart in hand. She, along with the nurses and staff, have done their very best to give not only my son but our whole family the needed loving care. It has been a blessing having Dr. Hui taking care of him. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

– parents of AJ

Through the years we have been very lucky to have had wonderful physicians, but never have we been so fortunate as to have met Dr. Jennifer Hui. When our 2nd son was born in 2009 with the same congenital eye condition as my husband, we found ourselves feeling lost and confused over his treatment. My husband’s eye surgeries had taken place over 25 years ago, and his physicians had all retired. The first surgeon we saw when our son was 5 days old gave us referrals to physicians that could not or would not see us for months. When I made the decision to call Dr. Hui (a 5 hour drive for us) I was sure I would not be able to get an appointment any sooner than we had locally. The first person I spoke with to make an appointment was so helpful and kind, and it has been the same with everyone we have encountered. Our son was only a few weeks old at our first appointment with Dr. Hui. She immediately put us at ease, and held our son as if he were her own. She was so easy to talk to, explained everything in terms we could understand, and gave us plenty of time to have our questions answered. It was the first time since he was born that we were actually able to breathe easy. We knew that we were finally at the right place, and with the right physician who would care for our son. Our son had surgery at 6 1/2 weeks, and as stressful as it was, we knew that he was in good hands. Dr. Hui and everyone on staff made it the absolute best experience it could have been for us. We have had many appointments since his surgery, and we still could not be more impressed. It is clear to us time and time again that Dr. Hui is so dedicated to her patients. She truly sees the person rather than the diagnosis.

Parents of CD

Dear Dr. Hui,

Thank you so much for coming to the hospital and completing my surgery so quickly and expertly. I am a pre-med student and this experience has only solidified my decision to continue in that direction. Thank you so much for your time and effort!

– DS

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