How should you prepare for revision eyelid surgery?

Revision eyelid surgery

How should you prepare for revision eyelid surgeryThe pre-operative preparation stage is an integral part of a cosmetic surgery procedure such as revision eyelid lift. Patients who are well prepared usually accomplish safer and more predictable results and experience a quicker recovery.

The surgeon will offer instructions to the patient on preparing for the procedure during the initial consultation.

On their part, the patient should follow the surgeon’s guidelines for preparing for the procedure in a dedicated manner. Ideally, they should plan the surgery well in advance to have adequate time for preparation.

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Weeks before the Surgery

In case the patient smokes, they will need to stop it for at least a specified duration before the revision eyelid surgery. In addition, the patient should restrict their alcohol intake a few days ahead of the procedure. They should consume a well-balanced diet and exercise regularly to increase their fitness for the procedure.

In case the patient takes specific nutritional and herbal supplements, such as ginseng or vitamin E, the surgeon will ask them to stop taking these for a few days prior to the surgery.

They will also ask the patient to discontinue the use of blood thinners such as aspirin and NSAIDs for a few days. These medications increase the risk of bleeding during the procedure.

Sometimes, the schedule of prescription medications may also be modified in consultation with the prescribing physician. Wherever possible, the doctor may recommend safer alternatives. Working professionals should apply for at least one week of leave from their workplace to recover from the procedure.

Pre-Surgery Arrangements

The patient can stock up on the following items at home to enjoy a comfortable and more relaxed recovery phase:

  • Clean bowl for cold water
  • Clean washcloths
  • Bottle of artificial tears
  • Extra pillows to keep the head elevated
  • Plastic bags for ice packs
  • OTC pain meds
  • Sterile gauze pads
  • Groceries for a few days

The patient should arrange for someone to drive them home following their revision eyelid surgery. In addition, they should also ask a friend or family member to stay overnight for assistance or engage professional aftercare. On the day before the procedure, the patient should get plenty of rest and a good night’s sleep.

The Day of Surgery

The patient may follow the below-mentioned suggestions on the day of the procedure:

  • Wash the hair and eyebrows properly
  • Not wear cosmetics or makeup to the surgical venue
  • Avoid wearing piercings, jewelry, contact lenses or false eyelashes to the surgical facility
  • Wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing with front-buttons or zip

Patients with diabetes should have their vital parameters assessed before being taken to the operating room.

Realistic Expectations

Ideal revision eyelid surgery candidates will have a positive mindset, clear aesthetic goals, and reasonable expectations. The candidate should have a clear idea of what the procedure can and cannot do for them.

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